Picture of 2 in 1 – The Summer Riders and Night of the Red Horse

2 in 1 – The Summer Riders and Night of the Red Horse

1992 edition

Rubbing to edges and corners bumped. 

Jinny is never really happy unless she's with Shantih, her beautiful chestnut Arab mare.  Together they roam the wild Scottish moors around Jinny's home, riding free with only the wind for company.

The Summer Riders:
Marlene wrote: "This summer I am to ride an arab hors.  Whyen I am on the hors we will go fast as flames."  Not on Shantih, you won't thought Jinny.  The mere idea of the brash, stubborn girl even sitting on her beautiful horse was out of the question.

The Night of the Red Horse:
Springing round, Jinny saw the luminous eyes of the Red Horse staring directly at her from the painting on the wall.  Jinny dived into bed and hid under the bedclothes but she knew there was no escape from the Horse's strange power ...

Author Patricia Leitch
Publisher Diamond Books
Type Paperback
Condition Good
Series Jinny
SeriesNumber 3
Book tags
Pony (130)