Picture of A Dog Called Gelert and other stories

A Dog Called Gelert and other stories

1983 edition

Rubbing to edges and corners bumped.  Spine and covers creased.  Spine torn.

Gelert was a handsome, fully grown Alsation.  He was lean, strong and sleek.  He had wise warm brown eyes and he walked to heel, close against Barrie's leg, never taking his eyes off his master, ready to obey.  Gelert meant more to Barrie than anything else in the world.  But Gelert was just a figment of Barrie's imagination.

For Barrie Evans, who lived in a tall, grey block of flats in the city where no pet was allowed, where reality was being teased and bullied all day at school for being short-sighted and Welsh, Gelert was the only friend he had.  He longed for the day when his family would go back to their farm in the Welsh hills and all the animals he loved - but he knew that it would never happen ...

So Barrie ran away.  He ran to escape the filthy, noisy city; to find the countrywide again.  And suddently he heard something that stopped him in his trackjs.  A small sound it was, a whimper, a soft crying coming from inside a derelict building.  And there, gently feeling his way inside, Barrie found a dirty, hungry and beaten puppy ...

Author Joyce Stranger
Publisher Corgi
Type Paperback
Condition Fair
Book tags
Animal (210)