Picture of A Little Princess

A Little Princess

1973 reprint. Illustrated by Margery Gill

Rubbing to edges and corners bumped.  Spine and covers creased.

Here is a story of magic, real magic.  Sara Crewe is sent home from India to a school in England by her rich father.  She has everything that money can buy, so she is nicknamed the 'Little Princess'.  But Sara has more than wealth, she has a loving heart, a quick mind, and above all a vivid imagination.  When poverty strikes and she is foreced to live in a garret, go half-staved and ill-clad through the cold London streets doing errands for her cruel headmistress, it is this imagination which helps her survive.  Alone in her attic, she makes friends with sparrows and a family of rats, and dreams of her room with all she needs in it.

Her dream is heard, and it comes true.  The magic really woriks, as it did in the Secret Garden with Mary, Colin and Dickon.  Sara, with her green eyes, strange little face, and tattered clothes, comes alive in this book as the stories she tells come alive to her friends.  She may have been laughed at for her strange beliefs, but through her determination to behave as a little princess, in spite of adversity, she is able to find happiness once more

Author Frances Hodgson Burnett
Publisher Puffin
Type Paperback
Condition Good
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