Picture of A Mystery for Ninepence

A Mystery for Ninepence

1969 impression. Seagull Library edition

Good protected dustwrapper which is worn at edges. Staining to prelims.

Over fire, through water, Press on for right will prevail

These words, faded and almost illegible, and an ancient key are found when Robert buys a bundle of old books for ninepence.  They herald the beginning of a summer of mystery and excitement for the "Quartet", a club formed by Robin, his two sisters, Ann and Fiona, and his friend Hugh.

The answer to the puzzle lies somewhere in Farnleigh Manor, ancesteral home of the Mourton family.  But the manor is shut up and deserted, looked after by the caretakers, Mr and Mrs Petherbridge.  The Quartet's willingness to help in the unkempt grounds and their growing friendship with the Petherbridges open the way into the manor for them.

Amidst the echoing corridors and high vaulted rooms of Farnleigh Manor, the young people determinedly follow each clue in an effort to solve the mystery which has disgraced the name of Mourton for three hundred years.

Phyllis Gegan's exciting story will hold you spellbound as you follow the adventures of the Quartet in a mystery that turns out to be worth much more than ninepence.

Author Phyllis Gegan
Publisher Collins
Type Hardback
Condition Good
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