Picture of A Refuge For The Chalet School

A Refuge For The Chalet School

Brand New Chalet School Fill-in title. Published late November 2019.

The girls and staff of the Chalet School are seeking a refuge from the growing threat of Nazism. Austria has become part of Germany and the Chalet School has had to leave the country—some members more precipitately than others. Luckily there are people in Guernsey who are waiting to welcome them as they arrive on the island. They make friends, a long-awaited wedding is celebrated and Joey and Jack set up their first house together. There is birth, and death, parting and reunion and though the school itself is in abeyance its spirit lives on. As war clouds gather everyone hopes that the Chalet School can once more open its doors to pupils and work and serve in an uncertain world.

A Refuge for the Chalet School is set during the ‘missing’ chapters of The Chalet School in Exile

(added to website 4 October 2019)

Author Amy Fletcher
Publisher Girls Gone By Publishers
Type Paperback
Condition Mint
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Girlsown (515)