Picture of Amazon Adventure

Amazon Adventure

1993 edition. Illustrated by Pat Marriott

Rubbing to edges and corners bumped.  Spine and covers creased.

'Now who could have a grudge against us?' asked Hal.
'Who would want to stop us from going down the Amazon?'

Hal and Roger Hunt are accompanying their zoologist father on the journey of a lifetime - down the Amazon to explored the unchartered territory of the Pastaza River.  But all is not as it first appears.  Their father has received an anonymous telegram telling them not to go and Hal has been followed by a mysterious hunchback with bloodshot eyes.

The boys soon fnd themselves abandoned and alone in the Amazon jungle, in a desperate battle against savage wild animals, hostile natives ... and an enemy still more terrifying than these.

Author Willard Price
Publisher Red Fox
Type Paperback
Condition Good
Series Willard Price Adventure Books
SeriesNumber 1
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