Picture of Bad Dreams

Bad Dreams

First Edition - 2000. Illustrated by Susan Winter

Good protected dustwrapper.  Ex library. 

I adore stories in which people have weird dreams, and strange things happen.  But that's in books.

Mel is the class bookworn.  She prefers books to people and certainly doesn't want to be first-week minder for new girl, Imogen.

But Imogen, too, is different.  There's something odd about her - something that makes everyone feel very uneasy.  Slowly, Mel discovers Imogen has a special talent - a family 'gift' that Mel thinks is more like a curse.  And that's when she realises that stories can happen in real life, too.  For only she can stop Imogen's private horror story - stop the bad dreams ...

A gripping tale of real life and story-lives - and of the importance of being free to be yourself.

Author Anne Fine
Publisher Doubleday
Type Hardback
Condition Good -