Picture of Battles at Thrush Green

Battles at Thrush Green

2008 edition. Cover illustration by Sophie Mortime

Corners bumped. Stain on front cover (tea/coffee?)

The peace of the Cotswold village of Thrush Green is about to be disturbed...

Children's voices ring out from the school playground; in the distance there is the gentle hum of a lawnmower; and all around the village, birdsong can be heard. But despite all evidence to the contrary, in the village of Thrush Green feelings are running high...

The rector has a plan for the neglected churchyard which doesn't meet with universal approval; there is a clash of personalities at the local school; and someone has returned to the village after an absence of fifty years.

Before long, the tranquillity of the Cotswold village is shattered.

Author Miss Read
Publisher Orion Books
Type Paperback
Condition Good -
Series Thrush Green