Picture of Before The Chalet School: Last Term at Taverton High

Before The Chalet School: Last Term at Taverton High

Published 2018

Spine and corners bumped.

 A new term is beginning at Taverton High School, and Rosalie Dene is facing many changes. Two of her friends have just left to join the Chalet School, while another, Faith Christopher, is also moving away. And now Rosalie learns it is to be her own last term at the High.

But future plans must wait, for all is not well in Remove, the form both Faith and Rosalie belong to. As Faith herself puts it, ‘We’re the form that gets into all sorts of bother—and the form that never achieves anything good.’
The pair form a triumvirate with Dilys Williams and set out to counteract the malevolent influence of Jane Snaith and Agatha Fortescue. But it seems the trouble is not confined to the High, for they overhear an apparent plot to cheat in a Scout wide-game—and Rosalie’s father is the Scoutmaster.

Ably supported by Rosalie’s cousin Mary Burnett, and despite a near-tragedy in Faith’s family, the girls set out to reform Remove and thwart the cheating Scout, learning lessons themselves in the process.

   Last Term at Taverton High is the third of Helen Barber’s ‘Before the Chalet School’ prequels. The Bettanys on the Home Front(GGBP 2015) comes first, and is set during the First World War. Last Term takes place in the summer term after the second book, The Bettanys of Taverton High (GGBP 2008), and covers the same period of time as Elinor Brent-Dyer’s The School at the Chalet.’ Chalet fans may amuse themselves by identifying the many subtle references to the series, while new readers will find this a satisfying story in its own right

Author Helen Barber
Publisher Girls Gone By Publishers
Type Paperback
Condition Good
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