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Biddy and Quilla

Published December 2014. Complete and unabridged.
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Life is never quite the same after Quilla meets Biddy at a dancing display at Miss Pargeter's school, rival and close neighbour to her own beloved Thursfield. When Biddy arrives at Thursfield in the new term, disaster seems to follow-always heaped on poor Quilla's head! She loses her best friend, is accused of sending a tennis ball into Mrs Bernard Lomax's garden, and is even charged with being a 'Parge' sympathiser! As Quilla declares to her mother, 'since that Parge dancing show everything has gone wrong--everything.'

Biddy and Quilla chronicles Quilla's trials and how everything manages to come right in the end.


Author Evelyn Smith
Publisher Books to Treasure
Type Paperback
Condition Mint
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