Picture of Border Peel

Border Peel

1959 reprint. Illustrated by A H Watson

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Border Peel is the third title in the Marjorie and Patience Series. The clan – Pan, Peter, Esmé, Guy and Marjorie - are camping in a peel-house on the Border, with the ponies of course, and war is firmly declared between them and the Fenwicks. Excitements follow, and not everyone is prepared to put up with bossy Guy, but in the end a good time is had by all, and, as Pan puts it, ‘we enjoy ourselves, which is all that matters’.

(blurb taken from GGBP edition)

Author Lorna Hill
Publisher Thomas Nelson & Sons Ltd
Type Hardback
Condition Good
Series Marjorie
SeriesNumber 3
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Girlsown (536)
Pony (124)