Picture of Bunkle  Brings It Off

Bunkle Brings It Off

Published 2013. Complete and unabridged

Spine and corners bumped.

Buying a goat at a fair leads to a chain of enormously exciting adventures, even by the standards of Bunkle, the youngest of the de Salis children. Exploring a mysterious empty house, meeting a Russian princess, being trapped on a perilous rooftop and foiling a gang of kidnappers are amongst them.

It is of no surprise to his readers that Bunkle does indeed 'bring it off' and whilst saving the day also helps Colonel de Salis in his vital work for the Secret Service.

Bunkle Brings It Off is the last book of the series featuring the irrepressible Bunkle.

Author M Pardoe
Publisher Fidra Books
Type Paperback
Condition Good
SeriesNumber 14
Series Bunkle
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