Picture of Chalet Club News Letters

Chalet Club News Letters

Published June 2016. This has been republished due to popular demand

Spine and corners bumped. Covers creased.

The Chalet Club ran for ten years from 1959 - 1969, beginning with 33 members and closing after Elinor Brent-Dyer’s death on 20 September 1969 with around 4,000 members. During that time, twenty News Letters were produced, at roughly twice-early intervals.

The original News Letters are incredibly rare. Friends of the Chalet School reproduced them as a book in more or less facsimile form in 1997, and Girls Gone By reprinted them in 2004,  with the Jubilee Issue of November 1963 in colour as was the original. Now, we are reprinting them again. They contain a wealth of information about the Chalet School which is not in the books, as well as guidance about what authors to read,  competitions and a host of other information.

Because of the format of the original News Letters, the book is A4 in size, and has 86 pages. It is, however, the same price as our normal fiction.