Picture of Chalet School World: Short Stories by Helen Barber

Chalet School World: Short Stories by Helen Barber

Published 2013

Spine and corners bumped. Covers creased.

How did Joey Bettany get on at school on her very first day at Taverton High?  Why did Dick Bettany take up work with the Forestry in India instead of following his father into the Army?  Who helped Sybil Russell develop into a responsible young woman, after the shock of Josette’s accident?  Did Grizel Cochrane ever come to terms with the failure of her teaching career?  These and many other questions find answers in Helen Barber’s delightful set of short stories, all set in and around the world of the Chalet School. In the course of this book, Helen clearly demonstrates how the values shared by the Bettany family permeate the School which they founded, and constantly ripple out into the wider world inhabited by its pupils, old and new.  Christmas with the Bettanys—high jinks in the dormitory—an unwise game during prep—a visit to the school dentist—this rich mixture of family stories and school stories spans the whole spectrum of the Chalet School and before, and leaves the reader with a real sense of having once again inhabited the Chalet School world.

All stories in this book are completely new, written especially for this collection

Author Helen Barber
Publisher Girls Gone By Publishers
Type Paperback
Condition Good
Series Chalet School
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