Picture of Champion of the Chalet School

Champion of the Chalet School

Published November 2014. Brand New Chalet School fill-in title.

This book is set after Jo to the Rescue (and after Peace Comes to the Chalet School by Katherine Bruce). The Chalet School has been experiencing a difficult patch, as an unsatisfactory Head Girl has greatly weakened the influence of the Prefects. In the Third Form, young Betsy Lucy is determined to marshal her cohorts in defence of law and order—but what can she do, with the bulk of the Middles all set to resist authority to the top of their bent?

Meanwhile, the two Headmistresses have reluctantly decided that a change of Head Girl is the only way forward, and Peggy Burnett finds herself with the unenviable task of re-establishing peaceful discipline in her final term at the School. Miss Wilson departs on an educational tour, leaving the Staff fully stretched, and Peggy has to contend with a split among the Prefects in addition to her other troubles. Add to this a new girl for the Third Form with something to hide, schoolgirl pranks and an all too thrilling half-term trip, and Betsy has her work cut out as she struggles to rally the younger girls in support of Peggy’s reforms. But right prevails in the end, and Betsy is recognised by all as a champion of the Chalet School.

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