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Changes at Melling

Published 2009

Spine and corners bumped.

This summer term ought to be a lovely one for Kate, but it brings some surprising changes, particularly for her friend Becky, who may have to leave Melling. This seems to be driving a rift between the two girls, and Kate finds a new friend in an unexpected place. Can she and Becky regain their old friendship? There is also an environmental change which has driven away some of the most beautiful Fen butterflies, and a trip to Wicken Fen is an important part of what Kate comes to think of as ‘the butterfly summer’.

Schooldays are punctuated by weekends at home, when there is an extended visit by Aunt Susan, and then Kate acts as bridesmaid at an important family wedding. During this summer term many people have to adjust to changes in their lives, and even Aunt Susan has to grow up at last.

Changes at Melling is the ninth title in the Melling School series and follows on from Kate at Melling.

Author Margaret Biggs
Publisher Girls Gone By Publishers
Type Paperback
Condition Good
Series Melling
SeriesNumber 9
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