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Dancer on Holiday

Published November 2017. Complete and unabridged.

We are publishing Dancer on Holiday because we have had many requests to do so - it is the final title in the Dancing Peel series, and ties up lots of loose ends. The original blurb reads:

  A broken ankle gives Annette Dancy an unexpected holiday at home, in the lovely old peel-tower where her family lives. It is on this visit that she is forced to take stock of her real feelings for the faithful Angus, and this sixth book in Lorna Hill’s Dancing Peel series brings the story up to the time of her marriage - but not before some unhappy misunderstandings have arisen, misunderstandings  in which their beautiful neighbour Marjorie plays only too great a part.

   However, while other preoccupations may absorb Annette, her profession, which offers some exciting new opportunities, still remains a large part of her life, and there is much of the colourful world of ballet in the story; much, too, of the wonderful painting of the Northumbrian scene which readers of these books expect of Mrs Hill. 

   We have yet to decide on our introductory material.  

(Added to website 27 July 2017)

Author Lorna Hill
Publisher Girls Gone By Publishers
Type Paperback
Condition Mint
Series Dancing Peel
SeriesNumber 6
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