Picture of Death on Tiptoe

Death on Tiptoe

Published April 2009. Complete and unabridged

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In Death on Tiptoe, originally published in 1931, the classic ingredients of the traditional country houseparty whodunnit are transformed into a deliciously different Gothic murder mystery with literary allusions galore.

Against the backdrop of the crumbling Cleys Castle on the Welsh Border Marches, lowering with centuries of dark brooding menace, the houseparty guests dress up in ancient Tudor costumes, and have a spooky game of hide-and-seek - in the dark. It should come as no surprise when this leads to trouble. Gradually the veneer of upper-class well-mannered sophistication disintegrates, exposing dark secrets, greed and ruthless ambition.

Keep the lights on.

‘R.C. Ashby’ was the maiden name of Ruby Ferguson, better known for her ‘Jill’ series of pony books for girls, and for her later romantic novels. After taking her degree at Oxford, she wrote a handful of detective and supernatural books while working as a reporter on the Manchester City News.

Author R C Ashby (Ruby Ferguson)
Publisher Greyladies
Type Paperback
Condition Good -
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