Picture of Dimsie and the Jane Willard Foundation

Dimsie and the Jane Willard Foundation

Published April 2011. Complete and unabridged.
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Here in one volume are the 12 known short stories about Dimsie and the Jane Willard Foundation. Taken from the original annuals in which they appeared, each story contains the original text, together with the illustrations which accompanied each one. They are essential reading for any Dimsie fan. The stories are:

The Jane Willard Election

The Terracotta Coat

For Mona’s Sake

The Umpire

Leaving It to Dimsie

Erica the Ever-Right

Dimsie Wins Through

Stuffable Stephanie

Dimsie Takes Charge

Dimsie and All Fools’ Day

The Secretary’s Keys

The Monster of Loch Shee

A version of the Dimsie short stories was published in the 1980s by John Goodchild as Dimsie Takes Charge but all the stories were altered, and one was missing altogether.

The introductory material includes a preface by DFB’s niece, Vivien Northcote, an article by Mary Cadogan who has greatly expanded what she originally wrote for Dimsie Takes Charge, and an article on the locations in the book by Sheila Ray.

Author Dorita Fairlie Bruce
Publisher Girls Gone By Publishers
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Condition Good
Series Dimsie
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