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End of Term

Published September 2017.

The everyday doings - who shall play in the Junior Netball team, Nicola’s growing friendship with Miranda West and Lawrie’s pairing off with the irrepressible Tim Keith, Ann’s struggles as the eldest Marlow left at Kingscote - are all overshadowed by the Nativity Play to be performed in Wade Minster on the last Saturday of term, with Lawrie doggedly pursuing her determination to play the Shepherd Boy. Antonia Forest skilfully shows the effect of the play on the C of E Marlows, the Roman Catholic Patrick Merrick, the Jewish Miranda, and an interesting twist to the story is given by the effect of boarding school on Esther Frewen, the child of divorced parents. 

Sue Sims has written the Introduction and Publishing History. 

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Author Antonia Forest
Publisher Girls Gone By Publishers
Type Paperback
Condition Mint
Series Marlows
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