Picture of Exile For Annis

Exile For Annis

Published 2013

Spine and corners bumped.

Exile for Annis is the first of Josephine Elder’s three Farm School books, set on her grandparents farm in Kent, in reality swallowed up by expanding Maidstone.

Annis had been ill, and was to leave her beloved London High School to go for a term to a Farm School - and Annis was horrified. There was nothing she despised more than “small schools, private schools, pampered schools and cranky schools of all sorts.” But in this case, she was wrong. How, with the help of Kitty, she learned that unusual schools are not always unpleasant, and that she herself was not so incurably High School as she had supposed, is told with the quiet charm and intimate study of character which are peculiarly Josephine Elder’s gifts.

Author Josephine Elder
Publisher Girls Gone By Publishers
Type Paperback
Condition Good
Series Farm School
SeriesNumber 1
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