Picture of False Colours

False Colours

First Edition - 1963

Tatty and much mended dustwrapper.

It is the summer of 1817.  The Earl of Denville has been dead for fifteen mnths and has left behind a tricky state of affairs at the family seat of Ravenhurst.  His volatile widow has large secret debts; her twenty-four-year-old sons, Evelyn and Kit, are identical twins, but that is the least of their problems, for the old Earl, who had a low opinion of Evelyn's stability, has firmly placed the estate in the hands of a sole trustee, the inflexible Uncle Henry.  The imbroglios that follow spring from the twins' urgent need to rescue their entrancing but wholly irresponsible mother from her financial doldrums.

Author Georgette Heyer
Publisher William Heinemann Ltd
Type Hardback
Condition Fair
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