Picture of Fire & Hemlock

Fire & Hemlock

2000 edition. Cover illustration by David Wyatt

Ex library, covered in sticky backed plastic with stamps. Spine and covers creased.

Polly has always loved the fire and hemlock photograph which hangs above her bed, with its suggestion of mysterious dark figures and undiscovered secrets.

But now, it sparks memories in her that don't seem to exist anymore.  Memories of Thomas Lynn, who became her greatest friend ...  Memories of the stories they made up together - adventures in which Tom is a great hero and Polly is his assistant ...   Memories that these adventures had a nasty habit of coming true ...

What has happened in the years inbetween?  Why has Tom been erased from Polly's mind, and from the rest of the world as well?  And why is Polly so sure that she must have done somethig dreadful?  Determined to uncover the awful truth, she casts her mind back ten years to when it all started.  At the funeral ...

Author Diana Wynne Jones
Publisher Collins
Type Paperback
Condition Good -
Book tags
Fantasy (131)