Picture of Gemma


Sixth impression February 1979. Illustrated by Betty Maxey

Spine and corners bumped. Spine and covers creased. Spine and part of covers faded.  Name and address written on fep. Pages browning. Bottom of spine torn.

Gemma is a film star - a beautiful sophisticated girl with clothes to match.  So when she's sent to live with her Robinson cousins she's horrified. How dull to have to live with an ordinary family in an ordinary house.

But Gemma has a problem - she's terrified of attending the large comprehensive school. What will the other pupils think of a star who isn't being offered parts any more?  Whatever happens, she mustn't be recognised, so she adopts her cousins' surname.  But when it seems she's to stay for five years, she has to do something. She can't go on being a 'nobody'.

Author Noel Streatfeild
Publisher Fontana Lions
Type Paperback
Condition Fair
Series Gemma
SeriesNumber 1
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