I only have one or two copies left of the following books.  Once they are gone, they are gone.

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Near Neighbours by Molly Clavering

Published June 2015. Complete and unabridged.

Well Done, Denehurst! by Gwendoline Courtney

Book 2 in the Denehurst series
Republished July 2005. Complete and Unabridged
£13.00 £12.00

The House of the Paladin by Violet Needham

Book 4 in the Stormy Petrel series
Published December 2006. Complete and unabridged
£8.00 £5.00

The Red Rose of Ruvina by Violet Needham

Book 8 in the Stormy Petrel series
Published February 2009. Complete and unabridged. Illustrated by Richard Kennedy
£13.00 £12.00

The Boy in Red by Violet Needham

Published March 2015 Complete and unabridged.
£13.00 £10.00

The Great House of Estraville by Violet Needham

Published June 2014. Complete and unabridged.
£13.00 £12.00