I only have one or two copies left of the following books.  Once they are gone, they are gone.

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Summer Term at Melling by Margaret Biggs

Book 6 in the Melling series
Published March 2007. Complete and Unabridged
£13.00 £8.00

Changes at Melling by Margaret Biggs

Book 9 in the Melling series
Published November 2009. Brand new story
£8.00 £5.00

Fifth Year Friendships at Trebizon by Anne Digby

Book 12 in the Trebizon series
Published May 2008. Complete and unabridged

The Cownappers by Monica Edwards

Book 19 in the Punchbowl Farm/Romney Marsh series
Published July 2014. Complete and unabridged.
£13.00 £10.40

Erica Wins Through by Josephine Elder

Book 1 in the Erica series
Published July 2010. Complete and Unabridged
£13.00 £10.40

The Queerness of Rusty by Phyllis Matthewman

Book 2 in the Daneswood series
Published September 2014. Complete and unabridged.
£13.00 £10.00

The Red Rose of Ruvina by Violet Needham

Book 8 in the Stormy Petrel series
Published February 2009. Complete and unabridged. Illustrated by Richard Kennedy
£13.00 £10.40

The Boy in Red by Violet Needham

Published March 2015 Complete and unabridged.
£13.00 £10.40