Picture of Henrietta's House

Henrietta's House

Published July 2020. Complete and unabridged. This has been reprinted due to popular demand.

Henrietta is a pleasingly plain and imperfect Edwardian girl living in Torminster (Wells, not too far from GGBP!, which is where Elizabeth Goudge was born and spent her early childhood). Here, amid the blaze of summer flowers, Hugh Anthony’s tenth birthday is celebrated, and what a celebration it was! Those glorious adventures in Foxglove Combe, with all the wealth of folk-lore and fairy-lore, provide the setting to the enchanted picnic in which everyone gets his or her heart’s desire.

The book is a sequel, if that is the right word, to the adult City of Bells which was first published in 1935. Jilly Day has provided us with a synopsis of this, for those who do not know the book. We shall also include an article on Wells at the turn of the 20th century and some biographical information about Elizabeth Goudge.

The cover illustration by L R Steele is charming, but it does not compare to the four colour plates, which we are reproducing on the back cover. There are also many line drawings, and oddly enough the original publishers used one of these as a frontispiece, rather than one of the colour plates!

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Author Elizabeth Goudge
Publisher Girls Gone By Publishers
Type Paperback
Condition Mint
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