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Highland Holiday

Published November 2019. Complete and unabridged.

Most people will know Jane Shaw for her Susan books, but she wrote many more titles. People have been suggesting for some time that we publish some of the rarer titles, and following agreement with the Jane Shaw Estate, opinion was sought in the Friday email. We are beginning with the incredibly rare Highland Holiday (there are currently two copies for sale on Amazon starting at £360!).

Highland Holiday was originally published in 1942, and is the third in the series about Caroline and Sara, the first two being Breton Holiday and Bernese Holiday. These two were later reissued by Collins under their Children’s Press imprint as Breton Adventure and Bernese Adventure. However, Highland Holiday was never republished.

Highland Holiday is mostly set on Arran and sees a further expansion of the Storm family. We are introduced to Sara’s younger twin brothers, Robin and Rufus, who are at the age where pestering their sister is their favourite pastime. Another new character is Sara’s Uncle Thomas, a scientist who was working in Vienna but is now back in Britain, accompanied by his teenage daughter, Jane, who plays a pivotal part in the story. Unlike the previous stories, in Highland Holiday the War is involved in the plot, although with a typical Jane Shaw stretch of the imagination.

The words of the above paragraph have been taken from the incredibly informative and helpful introduction by Robert Stewart.

A short story about Caroline and Sara, Sara’s Adventure, was originally published in the Collins’ Girls’ Annual 1953 and later reissued in The Crackerjack Book for Girls. We are delighted to be including this in the GGBP edition of Highland Holiday.

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Author Jane Shaw
Publisher Girls Gone By Publishers
Type Paperback
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