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House of the Glimmering Light

Published in September 2020. Complete and unabridged.

House of the Glimmering Light takes place on Loch Etive, near Connel Ferry, a couple of miles from Oban in the west of Scotland. The story features two girls: quiet, sensible Angela Winter and her sleuthing friend Noel Sinclair. The story begins at the height of the war with Angela on the train to Connel Ferry, where she is going to be a guest at a house called Tighanleys. A young man enters her carriage and accidentally hands her a piece of paper with the words “The House of the Glimmering Light, Tighanleys? Loch Etive, Argyllshire” printed on it. Thus, Angela unwittingly becomes involved in a mystery. At Tighanleys, she becomes friends with fellow guest, Noel, who is already working on the mystery and suspects that there may be a traitor in their midst, a Fifth Columnist lurking among the odd assortment of people staying in the house. Dead ends, wild goose chases and red herrings abound as the girls investigate. Strange things are happening. Mysterious people come and go, and there is a plan that could enable the Germans to win the war. Who is helping them, and why? And, of course, it wouldn’t be Jane Shaw without the hint of a long-lost treasure that apparently sank into the loch centuries ago. The story is well-plotted and gripping, with the writer’s typical sense of humour and stretch of the imagination taking it to an exciting conclusion.

Robert Stewart, a Jane Shaw expert, has written an excellent introduction.

Also included in the book is a short story by Jane Shaw, ‘Amanda’s Spies’ which has a very similar setting to House of the Glimmering Light.

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Author Jane Shaw
Publisher Girls Gone By Publishers
Type Paperback
Condition Mint
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