Picture of Jill Enjoys Her Ponies

Jill Enjoys Her Ponies

Published April 2014. Complete and unabridged

'It was the day of the Chatton Show, the biggest event of the riding year in our part of the world, and every single person I knew would be there - except me.'

After a disappointing start, the summer holidays improve for Jill when she is asked to help organise a gymkhana, raising money for charities that protect horses. Life gets better still when Mrs. Darcy suggests Jill ride her beautiful roan hack, Sandy-Two, at the show. Yet the arrival of Dinah, a strange girl who will do anything to learn to ride, becomes a problem. Despite Dinah's odd behaviour, Jill helps her by giving her old riding clothes and a ride on Black Boy, but when Dinah disappears with three horses, Jill wonders exactly what she has let herself in for.

Author Ruby Ferguson
Publisher Fidra Books
Type Paperback
Condition Mint
Series Jill
SeriesNumber 4
Book tags
Girlsown (594)
Pony (142)