Picture of Jill's Riding Club

Jill's Riding Club

Published September 2014. Complete and unabridged.

The fifth book in the series about Jill Crewe and her ponies Black Boy and Rapide. Starting a riding club seemed like a good idea at first. But then the bossy Clarissa Dandleby joins, the Intimidating Major Hooley scares off some of the members and Miss Durdon takes over as President in return for letting the club use her field. Suddenly it all seems a lot less like fun for Jill and her friends. Will champion show-jumper Captain Cholly-Sawcutt's help and the riding club's own gymkhana save the summer holidays?

Author Ruby Ferguson
Publisher Fidra Books
Type Paperback
Condition Mint
Series Jill
SeriesNumber 5
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Girlsown (536)
Pony (124)