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Judy The Guide

May 2010 edition. Complete and Unabridged

Spine bumped and torn

Transplanted from the Canadian prairie to St Ronan’s School in Buckinghamshire at the whim of her godfather, Judy Carey is plunged into school life and becomes an enthusiastic member of the Girl Guides. An unlucky accident puts her in the bad books of Muriel, Patrol Second of the Wrens, who blames her unfairly for a second mishap. A Guide Court of Honour fails to resolve the matter, and Judy ends up by being held responsible for a much more serious crime – the theft of some vital exam papers. It is not until the true – and most unexpected – culprit is unmasked that Judy’s name is cleared and she is able to exclaim, ‘You’re dears! I love you all! And I am so glad I’m a Guide!’

Lovers of Elinor Brent-Dyer’s books will find many of her favourite themes here – folk songs and dancing; Guide meetings and badge work; lively lessons and classic howlers; all combine to produce an entertaining tale of schoolgirl tribulations and triumph.

Tig Thomas has written an introduction which brings to life how the people of Judy’s era perceived the Empire.

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