Picture of Kit and the Mystery Man

Kit and the Mystery Man

1965 impression

Fairly good dustwrapper which has a sticker on the spine.  

Kit Pugh is a dreamer.  He has only to see a ship, or leaf through a travel folder, and he is lost in a dream of faraway places which he longs to visit.  Perhaps that is why Joe Tree fascinates him so much, for the mysterious Joe undestands him and can tell stories of exotic lands which make Kit's heart beat with excitement.  Another favourite pastime of Kit's is gazing through the dusty glass of Quoram's, an antique shop in the nearby town of Langley.  And there it is he first sees the painting which is to stir up so much trouble, and is to involve Joe, Kit and his friend Judy in a struggle against unscrupulous men.  For somone else likes Kit's painting, and will stop at nothing to get it.

Author Mollie Chappell
Publisher The Children's Press
Type Hardback
Condition Good
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