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Left Until Called For at Vivians

Published March 2012
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In Left Until Called for at Vivians Alison Cameron, Vivians’ latest pupil, is an orphan in the care of missionaries who are unloving and indifferent to her needs. Having dumped her at school like a piece of left luggage, her guardians resist any attempts by her to revisit her old life. Alison struggles to find her place in the school, and makes some clumsy mistakes in the process which cost her dear. The friendship of certain pupils and staff come to her aid, however, and it is a well-loved Vivians girl who supplies, in the end, the best support of all.

Woven in with this account of Alison’s first term is the story of the school’s entry to the Top of the Form radio quiz competition.

The book also contains a short story of the same period, Shopkeeping, which Patricia Caldwell has written especially for this edition.

Author Patricia K Caldwell
Publisher Girls Gone By Publishers
Type Paperback
Condition Good
Series Vivians
SeriesNumber 4
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Girlsown (515)