Picture of Lola Rose

Lola Rose

First Edition - 2003. Illustrated by Nick Sharatt

Pictorial boards. Scribble on prelims.

When life at home suddenly gets really frightening, Jayni, her mum and her little brother Kenny have to pack their bags and escape in the middle of the night.  Although they are scared of being caught, travelling to London and staying in a hotel does seem like it might be a big adventure - at first.  They even get to choose new names - and so Jayni beconmes the glamorous, grown-up Lola Rose!

But Lola Rose's new life isn't quite as wonderful as her new name.  She doesn't like Mum's new job, or Mum's new boyfriends, and she's not sure about the boys at school either.  And when Mum has to go into hospital, Lola is forced to be much more grown up than she really feels.

Author Jacqueline Wilson
Publisher Doubleday
Type Hardback
Condition Good
Book tags
Girlsown (543)