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Made in England

Third Edition 1951. Illustrated by the author. 48 illustrations in half-tone and 160 in line
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Fairly good dustwrapper which is worn and torn at edges and has some rubbing.

Miss Hartley, well know for her accounts of the life and work of the English people of past centuries, has here described and illustrated by pen and camera many of the country industries still existing.  It is the fruit of winter and summer wanderings over the countryside in search of the sturdy individualism and skill that are characteristic of these country jobs.

Many town dwellers suppose every country man works on a farm : but there are numerous other occupations and kinds of workmen.  Many of them appear in this book, the men, their jobs and their tools, in the drawings made on the spot and in unposed photographs. Thatching, weaving, making saddlery, work in the smithies, in the woods and quarries, in the small brickfields and potteries - these are all described clearly and interestingly.

Author Dorothy Hartley
Publisher Methuen
Type Hardback
Condition Good -
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