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Malcolm Saville Short Stories

Published late October 2023.

A collection of all known short stories by Malcolm Saville, including three which were originally published as books, though two were very short and the other not a very long one. Just as we were ready to correct final proofs, another story was discovered by David Schutte while researching for his book of Richman Crompton Short Stories, The House in the Wood. The stories now are:

Rosemary for Remembrance
The Soldier’s Garden
The Arts of War in a Garden
Stonewall Jackson
The Flowers Must Stay
My Gardener I – Smithson
My Gardener II – Charlie
My Gardener III – Meadows
John and Jennifer at the Farm
Harvest Holiday
The Flower-show Hat
Secret in the Mist
But This Family Learnt Its lesson
Where the Bus Stopped
The Thin Grey Man

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Author Malcolm Saville
Publisher Girls Gone By Publishers
Type Paperback
Condition New
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