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Marston-Master Spy

Published April 2022. Complete and unabridged

The final, and rarest, title in the Marston Baines series.

Marston Baines, thriller writer and secret agent, is nearing the end of his career. Why should anyone want to kidnap him? But a group of people in Brussels believe he is just the main to help them in their fight against a powerful organization they are convinced is working to destroy western civilization.

So begins an exciting new adventure for Marston, and for Simon, his young nephew, who is being trained to replace him. Simon, with his fiancée Rosina and their friends Kate and Charles Hand, is sent from headquarters to the romantic Duchy of Luxembourg to investigate the mysterious Paul Schengen. Simon and Rosina’s instructions are to visit Schengen in his unsavoury household – where murder has already taken place and where the most evil and terrifying kind of black magic is practised. Their path crosses Marston’s again as the story moves towards its terrific climax.

Stephen Biggar, the Marston Baines expert, has written a brilliant introduction for us.

Marston-Master Spy will be published in April.

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Author Malcolm Saville
Publisher Girls Gone By Publishers
Type Paperback
Condition New
Series Marston Baines
SeriesNumber 7
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