Picture of Mermaid House

Mermaid House

Published September 2011

It is not very often that one finds an almost unpublished novel by an author one loves, but such is the case with Mermaid House by Gwendoline Courtney. It was never published in book form, but only in The Salisbury Journal, over 48 instalments from 9th January 1953.

The Greystone children are apprehensive about the prospect of spending a summer with their mother’s aunt, the formidable and aptly named Miss Pendragon, who lives in Tremorvyn Cove, Cornwall. However, almost from the moment of their arrival mysteries abound, and as the story unfolds, the Greystones are left with many questions but no answers about what is happening on Tremorvyn Point, and why. Then they team up with Agnes Morvyn and Ned Pengelly, and between them they unravel this exciting story with its surprising conclusion. It is Gwendoline Courtney at her best.

Author Gwendoline Courtney
Publisher Girls Gone By Publishers
Type Paperback
Condition New
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