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Milly in the Fifth

Published May 2015. Complete and unabridged
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Milly and Nancy are much interested in the advent of Jan at Myra Dakin's, a famous school; but, while Milly soon comes to appreciate the newcomer at her true worth, Nancy grows more or less hostile. Hence, when Jan's apparent lack of interest in games becomes a topic and gives rise to a "rag," Milly and the victim become inseparable, and Milly learns much about her friend's family affairs. Then comes trouble at the bank and one exciting incident which puts feuds, suspicions, and even the famous "form sale of useful articles" quite into the background. For a mysterious loss is explained thereby, two highwaymen and their unwholesome accomplice are laid by the heels, and Jan is happily set free for games and study.

Author Evelyn Smith
Publisher Books to Treasure
Type Paperback
Condition Good
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