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More About Mandy

Published August 2009. Complete and Unabridged
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This is the second of three titles in the Vicarage Children series.

In More About Mandy Mandy is now a year older, and has an exciting time at her first party, while Allison is grown up enough to get her first job. Michael and his schoolfriend Eustace discover some remarkable Roman remains and Binny, the baby of the family, gets in and out of trouble, with sometimes frightening results. Staneshaw Vicarage, where the King family live, is based on Matfen vicarage where Lorna Hill lived as a clergy wife, and this makes the story authentic, as does her very real understanding of how a clergy family cannot have everything it wants.

The GGBP edition begins with an introduction by Margot Lynn on her memories of Matfen where she lived as a child, when the vicar was the Revd Vic Hill. And Sheila Wightman whose uncle was the last residential Vicar of Matfen in the 1970s, has written about her memories of the vicarage during that time. Clarissa Cridland and Laura Hicks have written an introduction about Lorna Hill, together with the publishing history. The final introduction, by James Mackenzie is entitled Drina Meets Veronica, touches on Mabel Esther Allen and Lorna Hill’s ballet books, but covers the Sunday School Visit to Tynemouth and Whitley Bay in Chapter 3 of the Summer section of More About Mandy.

Author Lorna Hill
Publisher Girls Gone By Publishers
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Series Vicarage Children
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