Picture of Mrs Frensham Describes a Circle

Mrs Frensham Describes a Circle

Published in January 2015. Complete and unabridged.

Mrs. Frensham, a bombed-out grandmother, goes to stay with her daughter’s family in a small town in Kent, with A.A. encampments on the common, frequent gunfire and a lot of air-raids.  All the young people undertake war work as a matter of course: the Home Guard, fire watching, A.R.P. and A.F.S; little old ladies Dig for Victory, determined that their Courage, their Cheerfulness and their Resolution will Bring Victory; and a country vicarage is overrun with wild evacuees from the East End to the delight of the young vicar who now has something to bite on again.

Against this war background, full of authentic detail, is played out the story of two families, their happy and unhappy love affairs, difficult in-laws, and children growing up.  And seemingly everywhere is Mrs. Frensham – just an ordinary sweet old lady?  Or a wicked old woman?

Originally published in 1942.

Author Richmal Crompton
Publisher Greyladies
Type Paperback
Condition New