Picture of News From Thrush Green

News From Thrush Green

2007 edition. Cover illustration by Sophie Mortimer. Illustrated by J S Goodall

Rubbing to edges and corners bumped.

The young woman gave no greeting, as country people are wont to do.  In fact, she appeared not to notice the watching figure.  She locked the car door (a precaution which most Thrush Green folk forgot to take) and consulted the paper in her hand before walking swiftly towards Tullivers ...

Tullivers, former residence of the old Admiral and his sister, had been empty for many months when, one bright April day, some discreet onlookers saw a good-looking woman pushing her way though the nettles to the front door.  Who was she?  Had she bought the house, and if so, what kind of neighbour would she be?  These were just some of the questions asked by the currious residents of Thrush Green, a village bubbling with confict, calamaties and delights.

Author Miss Read
Publisher Orion Books
Type Paperback
Condition Good
Series Thrush Green