Publication Update - Encyclopaedia of Girls’ School Stories

Friday, March 06, 2020

I have received an update regarding The Encyclopaedia of Girls’ School Stories from Girls Gone By Publishers

"I think some of you may not be surprised to learn that the Ency is going to have to be in three volumes, not two as we originally thought.

 Each volume will have 224 pages + 8 pages in full-colour + a full-colour cover. There will be over 300 black-and-white pictures per volume (I have not counted yet) + 32 in full colour + the cover.

 The contents of each volume will be as follows:

 Volume One



Typesetting The Encyclopaedia


The Critical Response

Researching The Encyclopaedia

Apologia and Explanation

Authors A-F

Adult School Fiction


Volume Two

Authors G-M


Ballet and Stage School Stories

College Stories

Convent School Stories

Early School Stories

Evangelistic School Stories


Volume Three

Authors N-Z (NB there are no entries for the Letters X or Z)

Girl’s Own Paper

Girls’ School Story Papers

Historical and Fantasy School Stories

Little Folks

Modern School Stories

Pony School Stories

Scottish School Stories

General Bibliography

Publication Schedule

Realistically, we are not going to be able to publish Volume One until July, but that is a sensible date and I can not see any problems with making this. My question to those of you who have ordered (or are going to order) is this:

  1. Would you like Volumes Two and Three to come out quickly after that – say in August and September?
  • or
  1. Would you like Volume Two to come out in November and Volume Three in 2021?
  • or
  1. Would you like Volume Two to come out in 2021 and Volume Three in 2022?
  • or
  1. Some other schedule?

Once I hear back from you, I shall update the website and announce Volumes Two and Three if you would like them under no 1. If you want them later then they will be announced a bit later."

Please either email me or you can email GGBP direct 

Possible Refunds

If you have already ordered Volume One (and paid for it) and now feel that you cannot stretch to three volumes, please let me know and I shall refund you.

Apologies for the length of this post but I wasn't sure how many people have signed up and would see GGBP's weekly email.


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