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No Beat of Drum

First edition - 1966. Illustrated by Victor G Ambrus
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It was the year 1830 - a bad year indeed for the country.  Shortage of work, caused by the introduction of machinery, combined with rising food proices, and poverty and near starvation were the sad lot of the English farm-labourers.  Seventeen-year-old Joe, like the rest of his family, knew hunger as he had never known it before.  Yet it was not only the want of food that made him feel so wretched; worse still was the nagging thought of Mary, his foster-sister, for whom he had a deep affection, and who had been accused of any offence, that had been entirely his, Joe's, responsibility. 

After a brief trial at Winchester Assizes, Mary had been deported to the notorious penal colony in Van Dieman's Land, gone out of his life for ever.  Or so it seemed, until one night the men of Stanton St Jude rose up in despair over the injustice and grievances improsed upon them by those who owned the land, and Joe, and his brother Dick, found themselves inadvertently involved in a seqjuence of events that were to gives their lives, and that of Mary, a completgely new turn.

Author Hester Burton
Publisher OUP
Type Hardback
Condition Good
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