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No Mistaking Corker

Published July 2021. Complete and unabridged.

No Mistaking Corker, the author’s second book, introduces the Thornton family and is unusual for Monica Edwards, in that it is ‘written’ by one of the main characters, Lindsey. This is, in effect, the first book in the Punchbowl Farm series. However, it predates the family’s move there and so is really a prequel.

Which of the brown carthorse mares was really Corker, is the mystery that runs through this story of a caravan journey to the sea. Lindsey keeps the log of the family’s wandering, and it is good to read because it is about such real people. They think and say and do all the mad and surprising things that people say and do when they are on holiday and when they are happy. Everyone who has spent long days in the country will enjoy this book because although, like all good holidays theirs is full of unplanned excitements, Lindsey does not forget to record the more ordinary things like eating picnic meals, running across wet early morning meadows, and sleeping under the stars.

Rima Devereaux has written the introduction, and Julia Smith has written an article on Anne Bullen, the artist. We  shall also be including a short story by Monica Edwards, “The Irresponsible Rescue”.

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