Picture of Northern Lights

Northern Lights

2009 reprint

Spine and corners bumped.  Inscription on fep from Vicki Emley (Lorna Hill's daughter)

Northern Lights is the fourth Marjorie title, coming after Border Peel and before Castle in Northumbria. In the late 1990s, Clarissa Cridland, Susan Hodgson and Ann Mackie-Hunter went to visit Lorna Hill’s daughter Vicki, and the author’s old home. While looking at the original exercise books in which the Marjorie and Patience books were first published (for Vicki during the War), Ann spotted a title she had not heard of and asked about it. It turned out to be an unpublished Marjorie book, and Vicki lent it to Sue and Clarissa (the fans) who read it… It was published in 1999 under the imprint, Brockleside Press.

The ink in Lorna Hill’s manuscript may have been faded, but the story is still fresh and the clan rides again, with Marjorie and naughty, and Guy as bossy as ever. Northern Lights is something of a landmark for GGBP. Its publication by Brockleside Press was only ever intended as a one-off, as a small print run to make the book available to Lorna Hill fans, but its success led to the publication of a few titles under the Friends of the Chalet School imprint (all of which are now GGBP), and from there to the founding of GGBP in 2001. In this new edition, we have included the original preface by Vicki Emley, and Clarissa Cridland has written a new introduction.

In addition, we have included in the book a recently discovered short story by Lorna Hill, Charles and the Veritys, which was originally published in the 1950s. Although this is not a Marjorie story, the characters are very similar and readers will see just why we have included it with Northern Lights.

Author Lorna Hill
Publisher Girls Gone By Publishers
Type Paperback
Condition Good
Series Marjorie
SeriesNumber 4
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