Picture of Pat at the Helm

Pat at the Helm

Published January 2024. Complete and unabridged.

Pat, Josie and Rusty have reached the 6th form and are shouldering new responsibilities in the face of considerable opposition from Jackie and her friends in the 4th form. The book is full of incident and excitement which reaches a climax in the uncovering of a long-suspected, but hitherto baffling, secret of Daneswood.

Pat at the Helm is a worthy follow-on to the previous five Daneswood titles, and yet can be happily read by someone who has never read the other titles.

Georgia Corrick has written our introduction. 

Pat at the Helm will be published early 2024

(added to website on 20 October 2023)

Author Phyllis Matthewman
Publisher Girls Gone By Publishers
Type Paperback
Condition New
Series Daneswood
SeriesNumber 6
Book tags
Girlsown (474)