Picture of Peace Comes to the Chalet School

Peace Comes to the Chalet School

2020 reprint

Spine and corners bumped. Covers creased.

GGBP first published Peace Comes to the Chalet School in 2005. This was Katherine’s first Chalet fill-inand she set herself a very high standard to follow.

For the past seven years, since their exile from their Tirol home, the girls of the Chalet School have striven with might and main to support the war effort, never losing faith that some day peace will come and reunite them with their lost friends in the occupied countries. Now, with the end of the war fast approaching, the Chalet School prepares to take a full part in the victory festivities, inviting Old Girls and new friends to join them in celebrating the defeat of Nazism.

In the midst of all the excitement, school must go on – there a lessons to learn, Guide badges to be earned, form gardens to tend, and, Middles being Middles, a goodly number of pranks and escapades! Coincidentally, the Sale falls in the summer term this year, and the School determines to raise a record amount for the Sanatorium. Can they outdo their previous efforts, and truly make this a term to remember?

Katherine has written a new short story to go with PeaceThe First Letter is a chance for a former classmate and close friend of Jo Maynard to get back in touch and tell her everything that has been happening in the lives of those people who were forced to stay behind in the school’s original home, the Tiernsee. After years of wondering just what is happening to all those people who were not able to escape from Nazi Germany, at last the British contingent of the Chalet School is able to find out.

Author Katherine Bruce
Publisher Girls Gone By Publishers
Type Paperback
Condition Good
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