Picture of Peter's Room

Peter's Room

Published May 2018. Complete and unabridged.

The Marlows are spending their first Christmas at Trennels, and the younger members gather with their friend Patrick Merrick in the old room over the shippen that Peter has refurbished for himself. Ginty mentions that the Brontes are her form project and tells the other about the Gondal and Angria sagas. To pass the time in bad weather they decide to act a similar story themselves. Nicola is never as keen as the rest and her reservation is seen to be well-founded as the imaginary characters exercise more and more influence over their creators. Interwoven with all this is Ginty’s growing friendship with Patrick and a splendid account of a local Meet. 

GGBP first published Peter’s Room in 2004. Its reprint is particularly timely now as the  Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand has chosen it as a book for their literature course.    

Harry Ricketts of the University has written an introduction explaining why this is and also writing about the Pleasures and Dangers of Gondalling.

Author Antonia Forest
Publisher Girls Gone By Publishers
Type Paperback
Condition Mint
Series Marlows
SeriesNumber 5
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