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The Racehorse Who Disappeared by Clare Balding

First Edition 2017. Illustrated by Tony Ross

The Racehorse Who Learned To Dance by Clare Balding

Published 2019. Illustrated by Tony Ross

Jackie and the Pony Thieves by Judith M Berrisford

1980 edition. Illustrated by Geoffrey Whittam

All or Nothing by Lauren Brooke

Book 6 in the Chestnut Hill series
2007 edition
£2.50 £1.50

A Time to Remember by Lauren Brooke

Book 8 in the Chestnut Hill series
2008 edition
£2.50 £1.50

The Saddle Club Super Collection by Bonnie Bryant

1998 edition. Contains: Horse Crazy, Horse Shy and Horse Sense

Riding High by June Crebbin

2008 edition
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